Start At The Beginning

13 Dec

Well hello, you big wide world of randoms, plus any friends of Anna and I’s reading this out of pity, This is our new blog. This blog was born out of graduation anxiety. I have just graduated you see and I don’t like graduating. I’ve graduated before and it doesn’t suit me. I generally go crazy, alternating between checking job sites 20 times a day, eating my weight in cheese and watching massive amount of TV.

Last time a graduated I lasted a total of 9 month out in the big bad world before I turned around and climbed back in the womb of education and signed up for another course. It’s hard out there especially when you have ambitions like mine. I want to be a screenwriter.

Watching TV is my favourite thing in the whole wide world you see, I just love it. When other people go out and party on the weekend I always have to weigh it up, is it really going to be better that sitting and watching TV.  That why I just graduated from RMIT’s Advanced Diploma of Screenwriting, if can’t spend all my life watching TV I’m going to do the next best thing and write it.

My co-writer of this wonderful blog Anna feels a similar way about films but I’ll let her tell you that herself. So buckle up to hear about me, my favourite shows (good, bad and truly shameful)  and my struggle to get this great ambition of mine on the road. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.


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