Cougar Town – Terrible Title but Great Show

31 Dec

Ok so, ‘Game of Thrones’ was an easy one everyone loves it and it wins Emmy’s, big risk, but I started this blog to talk all types of TV not just the critically acclaimed stuff. Not critically acclaimed definitly describes ‘Cougar Town’, in fact it could get cancelled any minute but that is no reason not to love it.

Originally broadcast in September 2009 to quite a bit of hype ‘Cougar Town’ was going to a be a comedy about being a Cougar, specifically Courtney Cox as a Cougar. Jules Cob, Cox’s character was recently divorced from her husband of 20 years and missing out on her youth and wanted to recapture it by hooking up with hot young things. Now I know what your thinking, this premise is the exact reason I didn’t watch the show and never plan to. Yes true not particularly appetising but the premise has changed. Six or seven weeks into the 1st season the writers came to their senses. The comedy was old and the show had no heart so to their credit they decided to make a change.

The ‘Cougar Town’ that exists today is about a group of 40 something neighbors called the ‘cul-de-sac crew’ another incredibly lame name invented by the crazy but loveable Jules Cob. The group takes care of each other with mocking and general silliness. Jules is an intensely over protective mother and incredibly vain but a massive mama bear that takes care of everyone. Her ex husband Bobby Cob is a hillbilly with a big heart and very little brain who is committed to being a good dad though he has no idea what that means. Jules’s best friend is Ellie Torres an incredibly cruel wickedly funny stay at home mum who lives never door and  Andy Torres her husband is a cuban businessman, an eternal optimist and fun loving guy. He is perhaps more in love with Bobby than his own wife. Laurie Keller is Jules assistant at her real estate agency. She is in her 20s, a massive partyier and the voice of youth in the group. Across the road lives Grayson Ellis, Jules’ obvious love interest, an emotionally unavailable man child who sleeps with any dumb women he can find to get over the pain of divorcing his ex wife, that is until he falls in love with Jules. And last but not least there is Travis Cobb Jules’s nerdy son who has Emilio Estevez marathons or the “Estevez Festivez”.

This group loves playing games like ‘Petty Can’, drinking red wine specifically out of ‘Big Carl’ and helping each other to over come their flaws whether it be Jules’s smothering of Travis or Bobby’s inability to get his life together. The show is a straight talking satire of the issues people face in their forties and in fact has nothing to do with Cougars, except for Barb a 50 year old women they bring in every now and then for a one liner.

Now if that doesn’t convince you to give it a go, Cougar Town is also written by the same writers as Scrubs, Kevin Biegel and Bill Lawrence. These guys know what they are doing, they even mock the stupid title in the opening credits every week. For example (It’s Okay to Watch a Show Called Cougar Town).

Last but not least the show’s title will be changed in the 3rd season, so if you start watching now, people never have to know that your watching Cougar Town. It couldn’t be easier.


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