2 Broke Girls – A bit cheesy but I like me some Kat Dennings

7 Jan

While I was slow to warm to ‘2 Broke Girls’ I have given it another go and have seen the light. While it can only be described as an old school sitcom, it also has a fresh voice and some brilliant humour. The reason I was originally turned off was the setting and the look. the characters move within a bunch of predictable sets, like the diner and their apartment and there is something a little bit too traditional about the production values that makes you feel like you are watching a sitcom in the 1980s. This aesthetic gives off a vibe that this show is a bit basic and a tad old hat but once you look beyond that you begin to see that this really is a engaging, fresh show.

And what is so engaging and fresh you might ask, well it’s Kat Dennings or ‘Max’ the poor waitress living in a tiny apartment in Brooklyn who has razor sharp wit and won’t take crap from anyone. Her snappy attitude and hidden soft side is the gold that makes this show what it is. The way that she adopts Beth Behrs or ‘Caroline’, the poor little rich girl who father has embezzled all his billions, is sweet, funny and believable. Which is asking a lot when it come to sitcoms.

These two girls quest to make something of themselves and save money to start a cup cake business is a simple goal but an admirable one and you find your watching their efforts and cheering them on. The stakes feel high and you really want them to succeed.

Another joy of Kat Dennings is that she has a real body, in a age where I am constantly looking at anorexic arms and wondering how anyone could find these women attractive, Kat Dennings has amazing boobs and a butt to die for. Looking at those breasts is mesmerising. Thank you Michael Patrick King for casting a real women. If that name sounds familiar it’s because Michael Patrick King the co creator of the show and used to be the main writer for ‘Sex and the City’ and is responsible for both the ‘Sex and the City’ films. Yes I know the second one was like watching a good friend being brutally murdered but hey I’ve decided to give him another chance.

Now the show takes a while to find it’s feet but by episode 5 you will be hooked and this loveable odd couple will become your new best friends. Give it go, it’s almost worth it just for Kat Dennings boobs.


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