7 Jan

What a beautiful film. I haven’t cried so openly in a cinema since watching ‘Bright Star’ one cold winters night. But that’s another story.

Australian films have a bad wrap for being on the gloomy side and this does little to change that idea. This film deals with the grief of a man (Tom, the head chef of a fancy Bondi restaurant) after loosing his wife to cancer. The film is non-linear, the scenes are connected through Tom’s fragmented memories as he comes to terms with what has happened.  But it’s something I would hold up and compare to any international release to show that Australians are absolutely capable of making fantastic cinema.

This film was absolutely stunning visually. A small part of this (…okay maybe a large part) was lead man, british Matthew Goode- what a babe!


One Response to “BURNING MAN”

  1. Cashier de Cinema January 8, 2012 at 3:34 pm #

    Seconded! About everything, but especially the Matthew Goode = babe part…

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