‘This Means War’ Tom Hardy OMG

22 Feb

So this last weekend I had the pleasure of seeing the new action, romantic comedy ‘The Means War’ staring Chris Pine, Tom Hardy and Reese Witherspoon. ‘This Means War’ is directed by McG, the director of Charlie’s Angels, the good one with the hot Demi Moore and of the first season of ‘The OC’. That should give you some indication of the kind of film I am talking about. It was written by Timothy Dowling who also penned the scripts for ‘Just Go With It’ and ‘Role Models’. Neither of which isn’t much of a recommendation.  However I do recommend this film to women of all ages for one reason Tom Hardy.

OMG that man is attractive and a very good actor and did I mention beautiful. He is so attractive that I almost felt like I couldn’t watch the film because I was too busy staring at him. Those eyes, those lips, that body, OK I should stop. But thank god this film has Tom Hardy because other than him and his beautifulness it does have quite a few flaws.

First off the love triangle. The key to every love triangle is for the viewer to be torn but also to always know in some way or other who the right choice is. You might get distracted by the beauty of the other man, the romance he creates or the excitement of the moment but secretly you always know who the character is supposed to be with. ‘This Means War’ however only provides you with the certainty that Chris Pine and Tom Hardy should be together, their chemistry remains unbeaten by any chemistry created with Reese Witherspoon. I believed their friendship far beyond either of their romances with Reece so in a way struggled to figure out why they were putting it on the line for this women. Reece is also frankly too old for both of them, sorry Reece. So as a result I had no idea who she was supposed to be with and found myself at the end of the film wondering if she made the right choice and whether she should ditch the whole thing altogether and find someone else, who didn’t lie to her the entire film and put surveillance teams on her home.

Another problem is the casting, Chris Pine is supposed to be the badass irresistible womanizer and Tom Hardy the sweet sensitive type. First off  Chris Pine doesn’t have the appeal of  the badboy you want to tame. Chris Pine just seems like a sleazy pretty boy you want to leave alone. He is no Ryan Gosling in ‘Crazy Stupid Love’ that is for sure. As Reece’s character begins to see the real him, underneath the facade of the womanizing club rat, the audience is supposed to see his true nature but I could never really feel as if their was anything below the surface.

Tom Hardy on the other hand is an already tamed sexy tattooed leather jacket wearing good boy who has deep feelings. In other words he has it all, I highly doubt all these features exist in one man but if they do I’m first in line. At one point Reece’s character tells her best friend, delightfully played by Chelsea Handler, that Tuck might just be a bit too safe, Tom Hardy ‘too safe’, that boy is nothing but danger no matter how you slice it. In other words neither actor really suited the character they played, they just didn’t make sense in the roles. In fact the entire movie might have been improved greatly if they had of switched. Tom Hardy is the perfect bad boy you want to tame and Chris Pine would be far better cast as the safe good guy.

But despite these problems ‘The Means War’ has one other major thing going for it, it is funny, really funny and that in my book covers a multitude of sins. The jokes are witty, unexpected, real and really engaged you with the content from the get go. The constant bickering between the male leads is inspired and Reece Witherspoon has some very funny moments of her own. The action and romance may seem like something you’d expect from a one time music video clip director like McG but the laughs are first-rate.

So all in all not a substantial film but might do for a date movie. But be warned ladies after seeing Tom Hardy it’s hard to think of anything else.


One Response to “‘This Means War’ Tom Hardy OMG”

  1. CMrok93 February 23, 2012 at 5:30 am #

    Nice review. All of these leads try their hardest, but the script
    just lets them down too much with terrible jokes and very ugly feeling
    underneath this premise. I just thought this one was completely stupid
    and it’s really surprising to see some major critics back it up.

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