21 Jump Street: Oh Channing Tatum you are actually funny.

1 Apr

While most would easy expect this film to be terrible it is fact excellent. A perfect example of why we in Australia need to make more fun films that don’t take themselves so seriously.

First off 21 Jump St, the film is completely different in tone from the original series. It is in fact more of a parody of the action and teen genre’s, rather than a new imagining of the same show. This makes this film completely accessible for audiences who aren’t familiar with 21 Jump Street, which I think is essential when you are making a remake of a series that is 20 years old. The fans are also catered for with references to the original series and 4 cameos from cast members, including it’s most famous.

A good friend of mine commented that the real revelation in this film is how funny Channing Tatum really is. Having previously played bland action stars and cheesy romantic leads, excluding ‘A Guide To Recognising Your Saints’, Channing hasn’t had much of a chance to show his range. But in this film you really see that Channing Tatum has a talent for comedy. I loved him a popular kid turned nerd in the new world of  2012 high school.

Jonah Hill’s character was less inspired. He was a little too cliche for my tastes as the geek seduced by the lure of popularity. I have seen far too many teen films about kids abandoning themselves to be popular and this choice was too played out.

What makes this film great is the parody. It picks up on every cliche from both action and the moral teen TV series created in the late 80s like 21 Jump St and Degrassi High. I particularly loved the party scene when Morton and Greg throw a high school party to smoke out the drug suppliers. ‘Where are we going to get the alcohol’, then they both look at each other and burst into laughter.

This film is very enjoyable easy watch for a Sunday afternoon. I totally recommend it.


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