The LA Complex: Canada Does It Better

15 Apr

From the creators of Degrassi High and Instant Star comes ‘The LA Complex”. I have to say I love Canadian Drama, whether is be ‘Being Erica’ or ‘Instant Star’ or ‘Rookie Blue’, I can not get enough of what Canada is making these days. Unlike Australia, it manages to achieve a perfect balance of being home grown and international. You know it’s Canadian but the show isn’t trying to shove that fact down your throat like they do in Australia. The story and the characters are what matters not the fact that it’s Canadian.

This series is a great show for people considering moving to LA to make it in Hollywood. I myself have considered moving on many occasions, how else am I going to achieve my dream of being the next Joss Whedon, Shonda Rhimes or Kevin Williamson. In case you don’t know these people create and executive produce television, which is my dream.

All living in a tiny one bedroom apartments in a Melrose Place type establishment called the Lux, these young up and comers many of whom are Canadian try to make it in LA and achieve their dreams.

They are wannabe dancers, actors, comedians, writers and hip hop producers, a lot with their own shadow of a chance of making it in a saturated market. We follow this group through the grind of auditions, showcases, tempting but immoral opportunities and the trials of following your dreams and making it on your own in a strange city. While a lot of this series is dictated by the demands of complex characters, it’s good to see as a basis some reflection of what it might be like trying to make it in Hollywood.

This series takes a lot of what is great about Degrassi, characters involved in controversial and timely issues, and amps it up for an adult audience.  This show hasn’t fallen for a lot of the cliches that it could of and isn’t like watching Fame. The stories are different and out there while still feeling realistic making it very compelling viewing. I watched the first 6 episodes in two days.

It’s coming back to the US network the CW at the end of April so I encourage you to get out there and watch this show it’s like Degrassi High but for adults.


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