How I Met Your Mother: You’ve got to have a Plan

22 Apr

Is it just me or is HIMYM really going down hill these days. It’s kind of become the sitcom version of ‘Lost’ your always trying to get off the island or in HIMYM case your always trying to meet Ted’s wife. What is annoying in both cases, is you never succeed. There are very few times in TV history that ‘Lost’ looks well planned but standing in the company for HIMYM is one of them. This show has spent seven seasons hinting at a fictional women who so far has a calf, a yellow umbrella and a roommate.

Forgive me for judging but these things are not part of a complex story tapestry, they are just a way to lead me on. Don’t get me wrong I love the show but I was told that it was a story with a higher purpose and like I did with ‘Lost’ I’m beginning to lose faith.

I expect a lot from TV, perhaps more than it deserves. Maybe it’s because my love of TV, began with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. With Joss Whedon, you always felt like there was a plan, you felt like he was taking you on a journey and he knew exactly where it would end. I’m pretty sure he didn’t know that Willow would end up a Lesbian or Buffy would end up sleeping with Spike but you felt safe with him like everything happened for a reason and nothing was done in without thinking.

That feeling of safety, the feeling that my favourite characters are always going to be well cared for and true to themselves, it’s what keeps me watching. In “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” when a character did crazy things that I didn’t understand I had faith that it would all make sense.  I not longer have faith in HIMYM.

Now when I watch it, I sit there worried wondering what their going to do next and if they can come back from it. I’m just waiting for Carter Bays to jump the shark and for there be no way back. I hope that through some miracle Ted can meet his wife or Barney can marry Robin and Carter Bays can restore my faith. But somehow I feel the days of Slapsgiving are long gone.


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