4 May

This week the sun slipped behind a cloud and didn’t come back out. It’s been icy and raining and I have an irritating flu to match.  First day back at work today after a few days off and so I decided to duck in to see the new Audrey Tautou romcom after my shift rather than brave a squished and moist tram.

I really quite liked this film. But in a nice private way- I don’t know if I’d push everyone I know to go and see it (except for maybe my mum). It’s s a pretty typical story about young love that ends abruptly when the husband dies in a car crash, leaving Audrey Tautou’s character to spend years burying herself in her work until she falls in love again with the most unexpected of people. But in this one you really didn’t expect who she picks. The plump, bald, gap-toothed and really just odd in general Markus. Who also works beneath her. We first see Markus about a third into the film, where Audrey walks right up to him and kisses him out of nowhere. We focus on his face afterwards and I bet you not one person in the cinema wasn’t thinking ‘What? Him??’. He turns out to be a great guy and sort of awkwardly cute of course, but the whole rest of the film the audiences reaction is mimicked by Audrey’s friends and family every time Markus walks into the room. It makes you realise how shallow you are by default and how hard it would be for a couple with unequal percieved beauty.

I’ve read a few reviews of the film and was shocked that one of the overarching complaints of reviewers is that Audrey Tautou is much less desirable than the film was making her out to be! I have to say this shocked me. After watching the film I was a little ashamed at my own shallowness but obviously it did not have the same effect on these people. Audrey is, of course, beautiful, but her character’s desirability was never meant to be based completely on looks. This is set up clearly in the first scene. Her character is painted as enigmatic and off beat, which is what draws men to her.

Delicacy is a little frenchy-cute at times, which I can’t stand, but it is also complex and interesting and well worth escaping the rain for.


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