The Amazing Spiderman: Unnecessary Remake or Better Than The Original

11 Jul

Well being a massive fan of the original, not the 2 sequels but the original 2002 Spiderman, I went to see the reboot ‘The Amazing Spiderman’. First off I want to point out that ‘The Amazing Spiderman” is a reboot not a prequel like some including Emma Stone have been saying. ‘The Amazing Spiderman’ is in fact another version of events for how Spiderman became Spiderman. Now why we need a new origin story just 10 years after the old one, is a question that has caused much debate.

With a budget of 230 million, perhaps other stories that have had less exposure that 3 films could be put on the screen. In fact given that amount of money 10 films could have been made. But putting that aside, if I hadn’t seen the original Spider man less that 10 years ago I would have little to critique about this excellent film. If Hollywood had of waited just another 10 years I wouldn’t be forced to make constant comparisons but unfortunately given the timing it’s impossible not to.

So let the comparisons begin. Andrew Garfield was an unexpected choice but I am in love, the description hot nerd, suits this guy down to the ground and he has a cheeky smile to die for. Before this film I thought the pairing of him and Emma Stone in real life was a little odd and frankly that she could do better but now I am completely on board, in fact I’m even a little jealous. As Peter Parker he is dripping with charisma and bring a sense of pathos and recklessness to the role that the previous Spiderman lacked.

While the pairing of Kirsten Dunst and Tobey Maguire was sexy and deliciously cheesy, the relationship between Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone feels like a deeper connection particularly as the script smartly did away with all that secret identity crap which got super irritating in the original Spiderman films. This was a masterful in my opinion because given the spate of comic films, the secret identity dilemma has been done to dead and as a reason to keep couples apart really lacks power.

The obstacle keeping love birds apart in this film feels much more real and properly heart breaking rather than just an irritating plot device. Also adding to this the appeal of Gwen Stacy, a character with obvious smarts and guts plus a love of incredibly sexy socks, its seems that Spiderman has traded up from that dumb actress Mary Jane Watson. As other critics have noted it is really the acting and chemistry between these two stars that powers this film and makes it a really enjoyable experience.

Where this film is decidedly lacking is in a real nemesis, perhaps because in the journey of becoming Spiderman, Peter Parker’s biggest enemy is really himself. Angry about his father then about his transformation and then about the death of his beloved uncle Ben, Parker is a adolescent hurricane of destruction. If this had been given a bit more emphasis like the  inner turmoil of  ‘Batman Begins’ it would have better stood it apart from the original Spiderman. I do think this is what the writers were trying to do but i don’t think they went far enough.

As it stands Spiderman spends the film either chasing after the nameless thief who killed his uncle or Curt Connor’s The Lizard who seems too intellectually stupid and emotionally weak to really be a threat. Also his similarity to Godzilla really didn’t help in a film that already had more comparisons than it could handle.  A crush and destroy villain is very limited story wise and I found myself growing quite bored of his Lizard ways.In comparison Doctor Octopus from ‘Spiderman 2’ was a much more formidable opponent.

Overall I would say that this film is better than the original in many ways but also an unnecessary remake. If only those money grubbing movies execs had waited, they would have had a sure fire winner on their hands. But because they didn’t one can’t help but feel like they are rehashing.


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