BBFF – Post #2 – Little Scout We Are Walking Out, Monk: Reloaded, Boxer, Aquadettes

8 Mar

boxer james finlay

Watched some exceptional shorts in session #24 today! My absolute stand out favourite though was Boxer by 22 year old James Finlay. This four minute film depicts a young female boxer who, wary of her tough facade, dances with her punching bag rather than hitting it. The films simplicity was so refreshing. I felt like I could feel the texture of the bag by the way her hand softly slides along it. The editing was impeccable, the film begins with flashes of a harsh black and white workout and turns into a warm sunlit slow experience. I hope this goes up on vimeo or comes to Melbourne sometime soon so I can see it again!

All the films were about physicality and movement. I find myself drawn to these themes in short filmmaking too, in fact my first ever short film had a dance sequence in the middle of it for no real reason at all (needless to stay that film has never left my laptop). ‘Little Scout – We Are Walking Out’, was a brilliantly shot film about a ballet dancer who dances in the woods as the sun goes down. ‘Monk: Reloaded’ also used dance, but within a light installation that responds to the movement of the dancer. Both of these films show the dancer getting more and more confident as they let themselves go to physicallity. In a time when things often feel over-thought, watching this physical release is a great experience.

‘Aquadette’ felt very different to the rest. It is a documentary about a seniors synchronised swimming group. It focuses on one of the swimmers who suffers from MS and her battle to not just keep living but have quality of life as her health is deteriarating. I loved this and felt moved by her grace, humour and determination. The film is part of the ‘California is a Place’ series, check them out here.



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