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SLEEPWALK WITH ME: Birbiglia’s Big Dreams

11 Feb

sleepwalk with me birbiglia

We all have dreams. Matt Pandimiglio has big ones. All he wants to be is a comedian. So he works in a comedy bar and fills in doing stand up when other comedians drop out at the last minute. Also he has big dreams. As in running out of a 3rd story window in your sleep kind of dreams.

I was very keen to see this film after hearing it was a true story about a man with REM behaviour disorder. When I was twelve I watched a doco on SBS about people that commit murder in their sleep (that stopped sleepovers for a few good years let me tell you). Sleepwalk With Me wasn’t quite what I expected. Mike Birbiglia stars, directed and wrote the film that follows a hectic few months of life where his career was made, and his longterm relationship ended. As his life becomes more and more split, he dreams become more and more hectic. And he starts acting them out.

This film was pretty enjoyable. It became too much of a romantic comedy in parts which was a shame. There was one part I really liked about it though. About a quarter of the way in Matt realises he’s not really a very good comedian at all. He is under the impression that just because it is his dream, because he has wanted it so very much, for so very long somehow he must be good at it. That just wanting it is enough. Matt ┬árealises all of a sudden that he is actually going to have to try hard, get better, and take some risks in order to achieve his awake dreams. And also tie himself down so he doesn’t act out his sleeping ones.



23 Jul

So you may have noticed that for about a month now Lisa has been a lone blogger (ha). That’s because I’ve been insanely busy working as a Production Manager on a short film. It’s about a Melbourne Taxi Driver and called ‘By The Minute’. It was a very interesting and sometimes (especially at 4am) a very hard experience. But it has definitely inspired me to go back to short film making! I have written a script for a short called ‘Motel’ which I plan to shoot over the summer- very exciting!! I’ll keep updates on the process.

After the shoot was finished all I wanted to do was sleep, go to work and watch movies. Which is exactly what I’ve been doing! This week I saw two new Australian films, which isn’t a very common occurrence (they are usually few and far between). The first I saw with my friend Joe was the new feature from Rolf de Heer (The Tracker, Bad Boy Bubby…). I really enjoyed the majority of the film. It’s about a couple who moves into a new house to find that they have drug dealing, robbing, all night partying neighbours next door. What I liked about this film was the relationship of the couple. They are very straight-laced and pride themselves on being intelligent and ‘open-minded’. Two things that work against them in this scenario. They begin that reason will not work in their favour and the only way to change things is to force the neighbours out. Their means of doing this goes from ridiculous to down-right scary when they eventually decide to break into the neighbours house.

I have a great love for films that switch genre halfway through. This film plods slowly along as a comedy and then turns on it’s head and almost becomes a thriller. What really annoyed me though is when the thriller element is undercut and they try and turn it back into a comedy. Things have become violent and creepy and the comedy just feels forced and brutal. The other thing that annoyed me was that god damn horn music. Stop with the horns!!!

Not Suitable For Children surprised me. To be honest I didn’t really want to see it. I hated the poster so much I thought the film would probably be just as stupid and the trailer made Ryan Kwantan look like a dumb-arse. But I had a few hours to kill after work and it slotted in perfectly so I decided to give it a go. And it was great! Really fun and a bit silly and Ryan Kwantan turns out to be a babe after all. Plus Sarah Snook is a real Emma Stone lookalike- and I love Emma Stone! I liked that they didn’t try and make the end perfectly neat but you still left the film with a little smile. I think perhaps (finally) Australia has made a really good little romcom. First one since Paperback Hero (best!) in 1999.