I’ve always wanted to keep a journal. I think I watched Harriet The Spy in a very formative time of my life and the urge to document every day in a secret black and white covered notebook has never quite left me.  Somehow, though, my own notebooks always seem to turn into pages of stressed out to do lists that never get checked off.

I’ll admit it- I had a livejournal when I was fifteen. But the thought of sharing my inner most thoughts with the world (my high school) was too daunting. My entries became so cryptic not even I could make head or tail of them.

In some ways how you feel about a film feels very autobiographical looking back. I remember watching The Exorcist after my first real break-up when I was seventeen, the horror of it felt just right. I remember watching Mulholland Drive when I was twenty. I felt like I was discovering a whole new world and I became obsessed with theories of what it could all mean. With Curly Review, I’ll keep track of these reactions and allow them be as personal as they need to be.


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